Monday, June 18, 2012

Total 50

dice five
Dice Game: Total 50

1) This game is played with 2 - unlimited players.
2) It is played with two dice.
3) Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first. The highest roll goes first. A 12 is the highest roll. The rest of the order is decided by highest rolls. If a tie, those players roll again.
4) After each roll of the dice, keep adding your total up until you hit 50 or over. The first player who reaches at least 50 wins the game.
5) If you roll a 10 on the first turn, and a 12 on the next, you have 22 points.
6) After each player rolls the dice, the next player goes.
7) Note that the fastest you can reach 50 is in five turns. You would have to roll 10 or above on each turn. Four rolls of a 12 is only 48 and would not be enough.

Variation - The game can be played until the first player reaches 100 or over.

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