Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Roll twenty times

dice six dice one
Dice Game: Roll twenty times

1) This game is played with 1 - unlimited players.
2) It is played with two dice.
3) Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first. The highest roll goes first. A 12 is the highest roll. The rest of the order is decided by highest rolls. If a tie, those players roll again.
4) Each player rolls the dice twenty times and adds up their score after twenty rolls.
5) The highest score you can get is 240.
6) Then the next player goes and tries to beat the score. If players end up with the same score, each player rolls the dice until tie is broken to see who wins.
7) If you play the game by yourself, see how high of a score you can get after twenty rolls.

Similar Games - Roll ten times is played by rolling ten times instead of twenty.

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