Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roll higher

dice five dice one dice two dice five
Dice Game: Roll higher

1) This game is played with 2 players.
2) It is played with one die.
3) Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first. The highest roll goes first. A 12 is the highest roll. If a tie, both players roll again.
4) The first player rolls one die four times, adding up the total of all four rolls.
5) The next player has to roll four times also and get a higher total.
6) If they do not get a higher total they lose. If they get a higher total they win.
7) Note that if the first player rolls four 6's for a total of 24, player two has to roll four 6's to win, since you can't roll a 25.
8) The lowest you can roll on four rolls is a 4, the highest is a 24.

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