Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dice race 2

road race 2

Dice Game: Dice race 2

1) This game is played with 2 players.
2) It is played with one die.
3) Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first. The highest roll goes first. A 12 is the highest roll. If a tie, both players roll again.
4) Both players put a die, coin, or other piece in the start box. The first player rolls and moves his piece the number on the die and follows any instructions in the square. Then the next player rolls and moves his piece. Two players can land in the same square at a time.
5) The goal is to land in the finish line box before the other player. You need the exact number to land in the finish line box. If you are one square away from it, and roll a 3, you don't move. You have to wait until you roll a 1.
6) The first player to land in the finish line box wins.
7) Note that the quickest you can win the race is in two moves. One way is by rolling a 6, then 3.
8) You can print out the race track by first clicking on the image to make it bigger.
9) The total length of the race is 9 squares.

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